The Jade Ribbon Youth Council is proud to announce the first annual B-Inspired Contest! Entrants will have the opportunity to receive great prizes, to obtain recognition from Asian American political leaders, and to contribute in the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer.

Jade Ribbon Campaign

To increase awareness and provide ethnic-sensitive health information to the Asian and Pacific Islander (APIs) community and health professionals in an effort to reduce the greatest health disparity between APIs and Caucasians, the Jade Ribbon Campaign is spreading domestically and internationally. Considered to be the essence of heaven and earth, Jade is believed in many Asian cultures to bring good luck and longevity while deflecting negativity. Folded like the Chinese character meaning "person" or "people," the Jade Ribbon symbolizes the united voices of those fighting hepatitis B and liver cancer worldwide.

HBV Awareness Week

The Jade Ribbon Youth Council obtains proclamations from Bay Area cities to declare a week dedicated to increasing awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer. In its first year, nine Bay Area cities proclaimed the third week in March as Hepatitis B Awareness Week. The following year, thirteen cities joined the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer. This year, the Jade Ribbon Youth Council hopes to bring the issue to the forefront of over twenty cities!

HBV and Liver Cancer

What should you know about hepatitis B and liver cancer? Click here to find out more!

Contact Information

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Official Submission Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the First Annual B-Inspired Contest!

Name: Andrea Tan
School: Jasper High School, Grade 10
City: Plano, Texas
Entry: "Human Resilience"

We sincerely apologize for the delay. Please check back again next year for exciting new updates!